Friday, September 28, 2012

Door mat with Chevron Design

I am in LOVE with my new door mat. I had been searching for a cute one but the problem was that none of the colours went well with the colours in our place. I hunted around Pinterest and got some ideas from different people then attempted to make my own! 

First I bought all the supplies. I was a little overeager and cut out the letters I needed right away.
Supplies Needed:
 Door Mat

Vinyl Letters
Spraypaint x2 colours

Painter tape

As I said before I was having a really hard time finding colours that matched my home, so I bought two colours of Acrylic paint from Michaels and Martha Stuart Spray Paint Kit. (Best dessision ever btw.)

Cut out and place the vinyl letters where you want them on the mat.

Sketch out a rough draft of how you want to chevron design to look

Find a place outside to spray your mat.

Spray paint with your second favourite colour.

Using a measuring tape and painters tape create the chevron design.

Now spray on your favourite colour! 

Now you have a gorgeous new doormat! 

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