Saturday, June 2, 2012

Vinyl Tree

Here is my latest DIY project for the home. I saw a similar idea on Pinterest and I couldn't resist!

First, I spent a couple hours online hunting for vinyl tress on random websites. Finally I found one that wasn't ridiculously over priced. Then had to wait impatiently for it to be delivered. 

Jordan and I laid out the pieces how where we wanted them on our wall.

Then we started putting them up piece by piece!

All the piece on but still have to add one more final touch! 

Our new towel hooks! 

I'm so happy with how well it turned out! 


  1. Love it. You two did a great job! Very creative.

  2. hello!! May I ask where you ordered the tree decal from? I have been wanting to do this project also!! I see you have the same tree shower curtain I wanted to order also! Great minds think alike! lol Where did you get your shower curtain from? I've looked at local stores (I'm in Alabama) but havn't found it. I figured I would have to search online. Thanks in advance & Great job on your project!!!

    1. Hi Ambi,

      Here is the link where I ordered the tree. I ordered it with the chocolate colour base and green leaves. Although I thought it looked better without the leaves so I did not put them on. :) (This is the best price of any place I looked, and I looked at a lot!)

      The shower curtain is from Bed Bath and Beyond in Canada. But they should have it in the states too! Here is the link to the one I got.

      Good luck on your project!